What causes kidney stones?

What causes kidney stones?

By Janet L. Hall, MA, CKP, CBT                                   

My husband’s stones are gone. We couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much. Just the one supplement and essential oil you had him use worked really fast! – Teresa M., ABQ


If you’ve ever had a kidney stone pass, you would most likely say that it was very painful or even excruciating. At any rate, kidney stones are no fun! They go unnoticed until they travel from your kidney through the ureter into the bladder. If the stones are medium to large they can cause severe pain and occur suddenly. Lower back pain, abdominal cramping, blood in urine and even fever and chills are common symptoms of kidney stones.


Men experience higher occurrences of kidney stones than women. They also get them most commonly between ages 40-70, while most woman experience them in their 50’s.


Your kidneys do an intricate balancing act – regulating levels of fluid, minerals, salts, and other substances in your body. When these compounds become imbalanced, kidney stones may form. There are four types of kidney stones, each made of different substances, with uric acid being the most common.


The best way to avoid kidney stones is to prevent the most common cause – dehydration. Surprised? Most people require at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day or at a minimum, half their body weight in ounces. Light to clear urine is an indication of proper hydration.


Some may tell you to avoid grapefruit juice (which they feel is linked to the development of kidney stones). However, grapefruit, especially the essential oil, is known to cleanse the kidneys. Grapefruit and other oils help rid the body of kidney stones.


A diet high in salt, protein, and junk foods including sodas may increase the risk of stone formation. Eating a lower protein, lower sodium diet with adequate hydration decreases your chances of developing stones.


Surgery is a common method of treatment for kidney stones, however, there are simple, natural remedies that work wonderfully. Kinesiology is great at evaluating the exact remedy for your unique body and circumstance. It only takes a few hours (in most cases) for the stones to break down and pass. Better yet, prevent stones from accumulating by using natural remedies proactively! Attend our free classes to learn how.


Janet L. Hall is a Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Biofeedback and Essential Oil Specialist. She has an MA in Holistic Health and recently completed special training in Genetics & Methylation Therapy. Her center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL (9355).