Healing Services

Our Alternative Wellness Center provides a wide range of alternative health and healing services and supplements. Ask about our specials – we often have buy one get one free, or 10% off selected items!

Naturopathy/Kinesiology/Herbology/Nutritional Programs
Naturopathy services using Kinesiology, the ultimate “master technique” in natural healthcare.  Our Kinesiologists test your body and tell you what you need, the best modalities for you, how many treatments you need, as well as how often you need them and for how long.  This takes all of the guesswork out of it!  Our Kinesiologists are all top of the line Herbalists and Nutritional Consultants to help you with diet and all your health needs.

We strive to find and establish the best modalities
for you as an individual in your quest
for optimal health on all levels!

Biofeedback Treatments
State of the art biofeedback machines evaluate your body’s entire state of health, perform therapy on you, give you an informational report and make a tincture designed specifically for your body’s needs.  They are used for treatment of acute & chronic illness, disease and pain control.  These powerful machines have thousands of bio-resonant therapies and are great for infants, the elderly and pets since no pills are needed.

Bio-Electric Wellness Treatments
Achieve amazing pain relief with a new breakthrough in technology medicine!  Aids in the treatment of a variety of physical ailments through the use of individual specific frequency codes.  These treatments are FDA approved and insurance reimbursable.

Deeply detox your body with gentle colon irrigation – using double filtered, ozonated water, implants, and safe disposable equipment.

Oxygen/Ozone Treatments
Oxygen/Ozonation - one of the most highly esteemed therapies of Europe due to its tremendous success!  An imbalance in bacteria, parasites, Candida, fungus, and mold can no longer live with oxygen/ozone present!  Helpful for pain, infection and the immune system- take advantage of these incredible internal treatments!

Laser Treatment
Carries homeopathics directly into your cells for amazingly fast healing of all acute and chronic health conditions.  Can even kill infections and heal the root of teeth needing a root canal!  Apply treatment directly into areas of pain, wounds, tumors, infections and more.  Incredible for asthma, COPD and lung/sinus disorders.

Infrared Sauna
These treatments are wonderful for weight loss – burn up to 600+ calories in just one session!  Infrared treatments can increase your immune function for a healthier body.  We have been amazed at how well it works for cellulite, detoxing and weight reduction!  You sit in the warm, relaxing Infrared sauna for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Detox Footbaths
Our detox footbaths are quick, easy, and affordable and allow you the opportunity to just sit, relax and detox.  Our clients are amazed at just how much these detox footbaths help them.

Weight Loss Programs
This weight loss system cleanses your body of impurities, releasing toxicity and fat.  It replenishes the body with high quality nutrients increasing energy and vitality.  Many have successfully used this product to lose up to 300 pounds!

Teeth Whitening
Have your teeth whitened at the speed of light! In just 20 minutes your teeth can be up to 6 shades whiter! LED whitening process that is safe, effective, convenient and affordable without pain, burning or sensitivity!

Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat
While you rest, the Amethyst Infra-red Bio Mat’s crystal healing affects clear blockages, align chakras, balance, stabilize and increase body energy, while burning calories and eliminating toxins and waste!  Your immune system is strengthened and the skin renewed.  Fantastic for arthritis!

Balancing Sessions
The Balancing Session utilizes a powerful technique that has been proven effective for offering the energy of wholeness to those who are ready and willing to raise their vibration through conscious awareness and pure intent.  The primary purpose of a Balancing is to align, harmonize and return the four energetic bodies into wholeness.  We incorporate the client’s specific intent or whatever is in their highest good as the focus of the session, combined with the breath technique.


Alternative Wellness is striving to continue to bring you the best!  These are the treatments of the future,
researched and obtained for you, today
.  Call 505-294-WELL (9355) today for a complete analysis of your body’s needs!